4 Subjects That Are Taught In A Nail Technician Course

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While many people with steady hands and an eye for design can learn to create beautiful nail art, it will take more than this to pass a state nail technician license exam. To prepare for your exam, you will need to be familiar with a wide variety of subjects such as history, business, and even human anatomy and pathology. Here is an overview of some of the topics that you will cover in a typical nail technician course at a school like Cannella School of Hair Design. Nail Care Tools and Techniques The practical application of nail care tools is what most students expect to learn when they enroll in a nail technician course, and it is perhaps the most important topic to cover for your day-to-day work as a technician. There are several tools that you will need to be comfortable with to perform professional-quality work. You will get plenty of practice with clippers, cuticle pushers, files, buffers, and other tools during your course so that you can use them correctly, efficiently, and without causing harm or discomfort for your clients. In addition to using tools properly, you will learn to prep your clients’ nails before placing any applications on the nails. You must learn to perform a dry manicure on the nails so that nail applications will adhere correctly and stay in place for as long as possible. Nail Art History In addition to the technical skills required to perform proper nail care, your nail tech course will cover the rich history of nail art across the world. In most courses, you will begin studying nail art history by learning about ancient practices that were used to beautify nails. Some examples that you will study include beeswax nail dyes that were used in the Shang Dynasty of China circa 1600 B.C., as well as the nail-trimming instruments made from shell and bone that were used by early humans during the Ice Age. After your course has covered these primitive nail techniques, you will transition to studying how nail art evolved into the modern practice that it is today. Anatomy and Infection Control A basic understanding of anatomy is essential for any nail technician. Your nail tech course will cover the anatomy of the hands, feet, and nails to help you avoid injuring clients and relieve aches and pains in the hands and feet. The most important duty that you owe your clients is to protect them from infection while you are performing your services. Your nail technician course will provide you with essential knowledge about human pathology to protect your clients as well as yourself. You will learn the best practices for sterilizing your equipment to avoid infection if you accidentally nick your client’s skin. This part of the course will also help you detect possible nail disorders in your clients so you can provide advice and determine if your services are right for the client. Networking and Business Skills One of the greatest benefits of completing a nail technician course that many students do not expect is the self-discipline, work ethic, and opportunities for networking that the course can provide. Preparing for your license exam will require a high degree of organization and motivation, the same skills that will benefit you if you ever decide to...

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Proactively Dealing With Menopause: 3 Active Ingredients You Should Look For In Skin Care Products

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You’re not imaging it. From the moment that you reach menopause, the quality of your skin starts to worsen. Hormonal changes caused by menopause can lead to oily skin, an increase in facial hair development, saggy skin, more pronounced wrinkles, a decrease in collagen production, thinning of the skin, age spots and more. To combat the effects that menopause has on your skin, you’ll need to adopt a strict and effective skin care routine using the right type of products. As there are an abundance of products available on the market, make sure to choose products that contain these 3 active ingredients. Glycolic Acid to Boost Hyaluronic Acid Production Hyaluronic acid production in the body will gradually decrease as you reach menopause. This is one of the primary reasons why you’ll notice that your skin will begin to age relatively quickly once you reach menopause. Hyaluronic acid keeps your skin looking plump and dewy, which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As a result, you definitely want to choose skin care products that can help naturally replenish your body’s ability to produce hyaluronic acid. The easiest way to do so is to use a product that contains glycolic acid. Glycolic acid not only increases hyaluronic acid production, but will also cause the skin to produce more collagen and elastin, with visible results appearing after at least two weeks of using the skin care product. The glycolic acid will also slough off dead skin cells, so that your skin has a more noticeable and youthful glow to it. Retinoids to Boost Collagen Production Menopause has a particularly drastic effect on your body’s collagen production. Collagen is responsible for giving your skin that tight and elastic look that boasts youthfulness; however, collagen production will drastically decrease as you enter menopause. In fact, your skin can lose up to 30% of its collagen within 5 years of reaching menopause. The effects of the loss of collagen will be painfully obvious. You’ll notice that your skin will begin to sag and lose that youthful glow it once possessed. Using skin care products that can boost collagen production is particularly important when you reach menopause. Retinoids are vitamin A-related agents and substances. When present at a 0.4% concentration in skin care products, the concentration of retinoids will be sufficient enough to trigger collagen production in the skin, increase hyaluronic acid production for a more dewy, youthful appearance, and even reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Anti-oxidants to Slow Down the Effects of Aging The hormonal changes of menopause is responsible for the way your skin will start to age. You should also look for ingredients that will keep the effects of aging at bay. In particular, the products you use should contain a lot of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants like Vitamin C, B3 and E are particularly effective because they are soluble and will easily penetrate deep into the skin in order to trigger an increase in collagen production and to regulate cell metabolism and regeneration. Choose skin care products that contain several of these anti-oxidants, as they tend to be most effective when used together. Conclusion With the right skin care products and with a strict beauty routine, you’ll be able to keep the effects of menopause at bay, so...

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What You Need To Know About Looking Great In A Classic Black Cocktail Dress

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The classic black cocktail dress is a structured, form fitting piece of attire that is timeless. Regardless of your age, whether you are in your twenties or in your golden years, a well-made cocktail dress can serve as a stylish and classy piece of clothing that you can wear to a wide variety of events, from dinner parties to evening business receptions. If you need help choosing a black cocktail dress and accessories to wear with it, the following guide provides some suggestions. Material and Fit If you want a well-made cocktail dress that will last for years, make sure to stay away from the sale racks of big box stores with dresses made of cheap fabrics. Focus on specialty retailers and online shops that cater to women. Choose dresses made of satin, chiffon or silk with silhouettes that accentuate your figure. Jersey fabric is also fine if the dress is well made. To help create the illusion of slimming, choose a matte instead of a shiny finish. If you have a pear shape or little to no hips, choose a dress with an A-line and an open neck to create more definition and the illusion of attractive curves. For a curvy figure, choose a wrap or fitted waist dresses that accentuate your feminine figure. Wraps dresses are also great for a woman with a full bust. The dress should hang just above your knee or even higher if you want to show off more of your legs. If you love the dress but do not like the length, take it to a seamstress to get the hemline altered to your liking. If you have a busy social schedule, consider investing in a few black dresses with different features for variation. You can choose from various types of necklines, sleeve lengths and dress accents such as lace. Hosiery When it comes to a black cocktail dresses, stick with black hosiery. Depending on the time of year, you can select from sheer hosiery to tights. All hosiery are not created equally. Since you splurged on a high-quality dress, make sure to buy quality hosiery. Do not cheapen the look of your dress with off brand pantyhose that bunch up around your ankles and ride up your hips. Shop at high end department stores for this part of your outfit. High end hosiery lasts longer and comes in fabric blends that can help create a slimming figure. If you are going to a fun event, consider wearing back seam pantyhose or hosiery with fun designs like stars, fishnet or floral patterns. When you are attending an event during hot weather, if you can stand it, purchase ultra sheer hosiery. They will always look better with your dress than even the smoothest bare legs. Shoes Your shoes can make or break your outfit. The same rules apply for hosiery as with shoes. Stay away from cheap merchandise. If you are on a tight budget, save your money to invest in a pair of well-made black pumps or dress flats from a reputable manufacturer. Stay away from the following types of footwear: Shoes that look like loafers. They will make you look dowdy. Shoes with chunky or platform heels. They will make you look stumpy and not create a sleek, long line from...

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Three Software Tools To Keep Hair Salon Clients Coming Back For More

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If you operate a hair salon, you recognize the importance of providing a pleasant and convenient experience for your clients. Everything from ease of appointment setting to online communication can improve customer satisfaction and attract new clients to your business. The following software tools may help you achieve success and ensure your clients return time and again: 1. Online Appointment Scheduling In this modern world of computer technology and busy lifestyles, most hair salon customers appreciate a convenient way to book their appointments. A good software program for a hair salon business will include online booking management. This integrated software tool will allow clients to schedule their appointments online by viewing a list of available dates and times. After making an appointment, the client will receive text or email confirmation. As another advantage, online booking will prevent accidental over-booking or appointments that may overlap because of an oversight on the employee’s part. Customers do not want to hear their appointments have been canceled due to employee error. Having online booking capablity that prevents such mishaps is invaluable for business. 2. Efficient Point of Sale (POS) Software Management Spending time in the hair salon should be a relaxing experience for clients and stress free for employees. When the sale can be closed quickly and efficiently, the client can leave the salon in a timely manner and get on with their busy lifestyle. A Point-of-Sale (POS) program can ensure your cash register optimizes your sales by managing promotions and applying discounts automatically when clients are ready to pay. This takes the guess work out so your clients may leave the salon feeling as refreshed as they look. In most cases, the POS software is integrated with the rest of the system. As salon clients check out, details of their appointment, such as the services rendered, will be shown on the screen. The appointment will move from the appointment book to the POS book. Additionally, a Point of Sale tool will allow you to make changes easily to reflect additional services rendered. For example, if the client was scheduled for a hair cut only, then upgraded to a single process color job, the POS software tool will allow you to make the change easily with one or two clicks on the screen. Discounts can easily be chosen from a drop down menu as well. A speedy and effortless check out is important to customers who’ve already spent much of their time at the salon. 3. Marketing Tools Many hair and beauty salons offer customer loyalty programs. As an incentive for attracting clients, consider a software program with marketing tool integration. This will allow you to easily promote your loyalty program and other offers. Automated marketing allows you to stay in contact with existing clients and inform them of upcoming hair events and specials. You do this through text and email messages after setting up your options through an easy to follow menu. This “set and forget” option makes it easy to market your business without having to remember the details. Another marketing tool option is the inclusion of a link that directs clients to your online booking schedule so they may take advantage of the promotion or event. This may be more effective than email reminders encouraging clients to phone the salon...

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Salon Technology Is Advancing: Is Your Salon Keeping Up?

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As a salon owner or manager, you have likely seen many clients who come into your salon asking for advice on changing their hair when they have been “stuck in a rut” with the same hairstyle for too long. Make sure you don’t make a similar mistake of being stuck in a rut by having your stylists use the same old technology and keeping the same old equipment for too long. Remember that, just like those clients, there may be nothing wrong with what you are currently using, but there may also be something wonderful waiting for you when you make a much-needed change, through a company like Wholesale Salon Equipment. Take note of the following new haircare technology that you don’t want to miss out on. 1. Infrared Technology Advances are being made in styling hair and processing haircolor, and one method relies on infrared technology. This technology has been integrated into hair dryers and special color-processing lamps that dry hair faster and help process color faster with less damage.  Infrared hair-dryers look like traditional, hand-held hair dryers, but they dry hair twice as fast while blowing cool air. Since they do not subject hair to heat, they leave clients’ hair much healthier after blowouts. Infrared hair color processors use similar technology to speed up color processing, but most instead resemble bonnet-style hair dryers that clients sit underneath. The bonnet style helps to spread infrared rays more evenly, so color can process quickly without the damage of heat color-processing. Other infrared color-processing units come in various designs that target hair while a client is relaxing in a chair.  2. Salon Software Whether you use a basic POS system or you still schedule appointments on paper, there is new salon software that allows you to schedule appointments, cash out customers, and condense and streamline all of the information you keep in your salon with just one program.  With new software systems, you can record inventory, so you always know exactly what to order and when. You can also keep a detailed record of every client, so their stylist can just take a glance to see when they had their last service and the exact service they had. Color formulas and cutting techniques used can be recorded to make sure any new stylist the client sees will know exactly what has been used on them in the past.  The right software makes things easier for your receptionist, stylists, and you. And, in the end, it leads to happier customers.  3. Lighting If you began your salon on a shoestring start-up budget, then you likely installed the most affordable lighting you could find. While that lighting still may work, it may not be as energy efficient and flattering as it could be. It could even be heating your salon in the summer, contributing to sky-high cooling bills.  The ideal salon lighting consists of overhead halogen lights and eye-level incandescent bulbs. This combination can allow the stylist to see the true color of clients’ hair from above while keeping the lighting in the clients’ line of vision soothing and flattering.  In the end, the correct lighting helps stylists color hair correctly and helps customers relax in the chair. Flattering lighting also ensures that customers leave the salon feeling beautiful, which is your goal, after...

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