Salon Technology Is Advancing: Is Your Salon Keeping Up?

Posted on: 28 January 2015

As a salon owner or manager, you have likely seen many clients who come into your salon asking for advice on changing their hair when they have been "stuck in a rut" with the same hairstyle for too long. Make sure you don't make a similar mistake of being stuck in a rut by having your stylists use the same old technology and keeping the same old equipment for too long. Remember that, just like those clients, there may be nothing wrong with what you are currently using, but there may also be something wonderful waiting for you when you make a much-needed change, through a company like Wholesale Salon Equipment. Take note of the following new haircare technology that you don't want to miss out on.

1. Infrared Technology

Advances are being made in styling hair and processing haircolor, and one method relies on infrared technology. This technology has been integrated into hair dryers and special color-processing lamps that dry hair faster and help process color faster with less damage. 

Infrared hair-dryers look like traditional, hand-held hair dryers, but they dry hair twice as fast while blowing cool air. Since they do not subject hair to heat, they leave clients' hair much healthier after blowouts.

Infrared hair color processors use similar technology to speed up color processing, but most instead resemble bonnet-style hair dryers that clients sit underneath. The bonnet style helps to spread infrared rays more evenly, so color can process quickly without the damage of heat color-processing. Other infrared color-processing units come in various designs that target hair while a client is relaxing in a chair. 

2. Salon Software

Whether you use a basic POS system or you still schedule appointments on paper, there is new salon software that allows you to schedule appointments, cash out customers, and condense and streamline all of the information you keep in your salon with just one program. 

With new software systems, you can record inventory, so you always know exactly what to order and when. You can also keep a detailed record of every client, so their stylist can just take a glance to see when they had their last service and the exact service they had. Color formulas and cutting techniques used can be recorded to make sure any new stylist the client sees will know exactly what has been used on them in the past. 

The right software makes things easier for your receptionist, stylists, and you. And, in the end, it leads to happier customers. 

3. Lighting

If you began your salon on a shoestring start-up budget, then you likely installed the most affordable lighting you could find. While that lighting still may work, it may not be as energy efficient and flattering as it could be. It could even be heating your salon in the summer, contributing to sky-high cooling bills. 

The ideal salon lighting consists of overhead halogen lights and eye-level incandescent bulbs. This combination can allow the stylist to see the true color of clients' hair from above while keeping the lighting in the clients' line of vision soothing and flattering. 

In the end, the correct lighting helps stylists color hair correctly and helps customers relax in the chair. Flattering lighting also ensures that customers leave the salon feeling beautiful, which is your goal, after all. 

4. No Damage Bleaching

Bleach damage is the bane of all stylists and clients. There used to be no getting around the fact that lightening hair, especially bleaching it, damaged hair and made it weak and dry. There are new products that your stylists can add to a bleach mixture before using it to lighten a client's hair that leaves hair almost just as healthy after bleaching as it was before. 

They work by allowing hair to lighten when exposed to bleach, but not allowing the molecular structure of the hair to become damaged. These products can help eliminate the worry of bleaching disasters on clients with already weak hair prone to breakage. 

Don't get stuck in a rut with your salon equipment and products. Once you have new salon equipment and start having your stylists use new products and techniques that benefit everyone, you will wish you had made those changes years ago.