Three Software Tools To Keep Hair Salon Clients Coming Back For More

Posted on: 9 July 2015

If you operate a hair salon, you recognize the importance of providing a pleasant and convenient experience for your clients. Everything from ease of appointment setting to online communication can improve customer satisfaction and attract new clients to your business. The following software tools may help you achieve success and ensure your clients return time and again:

1. Online Appointment Scheduling

In this modern world of computer technology and busy lifestyles, most hair salon customers appreciate a convenient way to book their appointments. A good software program for a hair salon business will include online booking management. This integrated software tool will allow clients to schedule their appointments online by viewing a list of available dates and times. After making an appointment, the client will receive text or email confirmation.

As another advantage, online booking will prevent accidental over-booking or appointments that may overlap because of an oversight on the employee's part. Customers do not want to hear their appointments have been canceled due to employee error. Having online booking capablity that prevents such mishaps is invaluable for business.

2. Efficient Point of Sale (POS) Software Management

Spending time in the hair salon should be a relaxing experience for clients and stress free for employees. When the sale can be closed quickly and efficiently, the client can leave the salon in a timely manner and get on with their busy lifestyle. A Point-of-Sale (POS) program can ensure your cash register optimizes your sales by managing promotions and applying discounts automatically when clients are ready to pay. This takes the guess work out so your clients may leave the salon feeling as refreshed as they look.

In most cases, the POS software is integrated with the rest of the system. As salon clients check out, details of their appointment, such as the services rendered, will be shown on the screen. The appointment will move from the appointment book to the POS book.

Additionally, a Point of Sale tool will allow you to make changes easily to reflect additional services rendered. For example, if the client was scheduled for a hair cut only, then upgraded to a single process color job, the POS software tool will allow you to make the change easily with one or two clicks on the screen. Discounts can easily be chosen from a drop down menu as well. A speedy and effortless check out is important to customers who've already spent much of their time at the salon.

3. Marketing Tools

Many hair and beauty salons offer customer loyalty programs. As an incentive for attracting clients, consider a software program with marketing tool integration. This will allow you to easily promote your loyalty program and other offers.

Automated marketing allows you to stay in contact with existing clients and inform them of upcoming hair events and specials. You do this through text and email messages after setting up your options through an easy to follow menu. This "set and forget" option makes it easy to market your business without having to remember the details.

Another marketing tool option is the inclusion of a link that directs clients to your online booking schedule so they may take advantage of the promotion or event. This may be more effective than email reminders encouraging clients to phone the salon for an appointment. Additionally, the marketing tool shows statistics, such as profits from each campaign you set.

If you need more information about available software programs for your hair salon business, register for a free online webinar. A webinar is an Internet-based presentation or seminar that will demonstrate the software products. To participate, you may require a computer equipped with web camera, as well as Internet access.