Preserving Your Memories - Proper Care Of Your Wedding Gown

Posted on: 11 May 2017

For many people, your wedding day may be the most memorable of your life. The dress that comes with those wedding memories is likely to be one of your most treasured keepsakes, but it can be difficult to care for. Without taking proper precautions, wonderful memories can become unfortunate messes more rapidly than you realize.

Below, you'll find a guide to some steps you should take in properly caring for your wedding dress. Following these suggestions will allow your dress to remain in its best possible condition for as long as possible, and might even allow it to become a valuable heirloom that your family treasures for generations.

Transport Flat

While your dress will be resilient enough to hold up to your celebratory exertions, it's likely that the stitching and some of the detail work will be susceptible to damage from improper transportation. Even the most careful folding can put strains on connections in unexpected ways, risking disappointment when you discover damage in a dress that you unfold.

By transporting your dress as flat as possible, you should be able to avoid these unfortunate disturbances. If you don't have a vehicle with a tall enough clearance to allow you to hang the dress, you should make every attempt to fold down seats and lay it flat and stable across a clean, even surface.

Avoid Plastic

Dry cleaners and manufacturers alike seem to have a strange commitment to transporting clothes in plastic bags. While this will keep your dress shielded as it moves in and out of the elements, it can have some severe drawbacks for long term storage.

Impermeable plastic not only prevents outside air from getting to your dress but also prevents the air trapped in and around the dress from escaping. This can allow it to go stagnant and create unfortunate smells and discoloration. Trapped moisture may also represent a substantial mold and mildew risk.

Scheduled Cleanings

While it may seem silly to clean your dress after you've worn it, you should be sure to bring it in for professional care immediately after the ceremony to prevent any stains from setting or other damage from compounding. You should also schedule regular cleanings while it's in storage in order to avoid any unexpected problems from developing. Regular cleaning will also give you an opportunity to conduct regular inspections, giving you a valuable weapon in your fight to keep your dress from being claimed by the passage of time. 

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