Acquire More Information About Micro Blading And Excel At Your Craft

Posted on: 7 October 2017

If you are the owner of small beauty salon and have recently decided to offer micro blading sessions to help enhance clients eyebrows and provide them with semi-permanent results, you can use the tips below to assist with learning the new process and excelling at your craft:

Sign Up For A Micro Blading Course

If a beautician or salon nearby is offering a course that will teach how to use micro blading techniques, sign up for one of them so that you can acquire detailed information about how each procedure needs to be performed.

Micro blading involves using a small tool that has a narrow edge. Purchase a micro blading tool, prior to beginning a course so you can practice holding it the proper way and grow accustomed to using it with precision. Bring your tool to each class so that you can mimic the instructor's moves as they demonstrate how to use the tool. 

Practice With A Mannequin Head

Purchase a mannequin head that has flesh-like skin. Prop the artificial head on a pile of pillows that are set on a chair's seat or place the head on top of a counter in your kitchen or bathroom. Attempt to complete a micro blading session by firmly grasping the head with one hand and by using the micro blading tool to administer pigment to the eyebrow area on the faux head.

Take your time while practicing so that you can learn how much pressure is needed to administer the tool and so that you can attempt to move the tool smoothly along the mannequin head. If you make a mistake, do not feel discouraged. Instead, treat the result as a learning aid and attempt to correctly add pigmentation to another part of the mannequin's head.

Test Your Knowledge With A Game

Cut small, square or rectangle-shaped pieces of cardstock.Use a pen or marker to write questions pertaining to micro blading on one side of each piece of cardstock. Write the correct responses to the questions on the opposite sides of the cardstock pieces.

Ask a friend if they would be willing to play a game with you that involves asking the questions that were written. If so, hand them the stack of questions and sit back and listen as they ask you each question. If you answer incorrectly for some of the questions, continue having your friend drill you until you are able to answer the questions the proper way. As an added incentive, reward yourself for answering questions correctly by taking a short intermission, watching a television program that you like, or preparing a special snack.

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