What To Expect With A Customized Facial Treatment

Posted on: 23 November 2020

Like most people, you may already use at-home facial treatments. These treatments are usually sheet masks or some form of mud or gel mask. Though these tend to get the job done, they may not offer the exact results you were looking for. One option for you may be to opt for a customized facial treatment from a specialty spa. If you have never used this type of treatment, here are a few things to expect.

Texture Profile

The first step to having a customized facial treatment is to have the beautician determine your skin texture profile. This is usually a quick evaluation to determine any issues you are having, skin tone, skin health, and where to go from there. For example, you may have enlarged pores that are causing an issue. This may lead the beautician to a treatment that includes a specific facial massage and oil or specific cleansing option. Once your evaluation is finished, the customized facial treatment can begin. During this profile, you may also discuss facial concerns you have that take place during the year or that may happen due to illness. For example, if you have lupus, you may be concerned about facial flares you have that cause dryness or itching. 

Cleanse and Massage

Depending on your skin type, tone, and texture, you will have a specific type of cleanse and massage done to your face. The cleansing may consist of several steps. For example, you may have a Korean facial cleansing that includes at least one oil-based cleansing plus an emollient and possibly a third moisturizer and cleansing step. Following the cleansing step, a massage technique will be used to help with blood flow as well as to help with specific needs such enlarged pores or acne issues. 

Specialty Treatments

A customized facial treatment will often offer you the chance to include a specialty treatment. The treatment may include a detoxifying mud mask to help with acne issues, a vitamin-enriched oil mask to help with dryness, or another specialty mask or treatment that aids in multiple facial concerns. These specialty treatments are usually performed towards the end of the treatment with a final cleanse following the treatment and finished with a final moisturizer. 

These are just a few of the things to expect when you opt for a customized facial treatment. If you think this may work well for you, contact your local spa. They will schedule an appointment and can help you determine the best options for you. They can also answer specific questions and work out a treatment that may help specific concerns you have for future appointments as well.