Investing In Salon Equipment? Here Are 3 Tips You Need To Choose The Best

Posted on: 23 July 2021

The salon experience should be all about comfort for your customers. When planning for the interiors, equipment, and furnishings, you have to think about those that will offer comfort and functionality. Blow dryers, hot rollers, hair straighteners, hair curlers, and curling iron are some of the basic equipment you may need for your beauty salon. With quality equipment in your salon, customers are more likely to be satisfied with your services, and they may even refer others to your salon. However, getting top-quality salon equipment will not just happen; you will do a few things to make it happen. 

Here are three tips to help you choose the salon equipment for your beauty salon. 

Buy New Equipment

Most people will get tempted to buy used equipment for their salon because it is cheaper and will help them save money that they can use in other various ways. However, buying used salon equipment has many disadvantages. First, water and chemicals are inevitable in a salon environment, and they can cause water damage and stains on the equipment. So by going for used equipment, you are likely to buy one with such damage. Secondly, many people sit on salon chairs each day, which means they wear out quite fast. As you can see, buying used salon equipment will compromise your image and customer's comfort in a big way.

Buy from Reputable Distributors

Another common pitfall that people get into is buying salon equipment from retailers or local stores. The retailers will charge more because they got the items from the distributors and are also out to make a profit. However, buying the equipment directly from the distributors can help you save a lot of money in the process. Look for trusted and reliable wholesale suppliers and ask for a quotation for each piece of equipment you want to buy. For example, buying six salon chairs from a wholesaler or distributor will save you a lot because they sell half a dozen at once, while the retailer sells each piece separately. 

Get Branded Equipment

The other consideration to make is buying branded equipment. Most people shy away from buying branded items because they believe they will interfere with their business setup cost. However, choosing cheap equipment will cost you more in the long run. You can get more value for your money when you invest a little more and get branded equipment for your salon. Also, branded salon equipment comes with assured quality and a warranty. For example, if a branded dryer has a one-year warranty, you are assured of a good number of free repairs during that period.

Take time and get salon equipment from trusted suppliers and distributors. This can help you get elegant and comfortable salon interiors at very favorable costs. A reputable distributor will also ensure you get the trendiest equipment and within your budget.